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30 for 30: 30 Branding Tips for My 30th Birthday – Part 3

By September 29, 2015 September 30th, 2015 Design, How To, Life Hacking, Vlog

Branding Tips 21 – 30

21 – Get Your Mobile Office Setup – Get a dropbox account with your logo, price list, etc…all accessible from your mobile devices

22 – Take Payments on the Go – Get a Paypal or Square Up account with the free card reader so you can take payments and send invoices on the go

23 – Don’t Be SPAMMY – Don’t alway Sales on your social media platforms – its “Social” media – figure out how to be social

24 – Does it Entertain, Inform or Inspire? – When posting ask the follow: does it entertain, inform or inspire? If not, don’t share it.

25 – Study Your Competition – See what they’re doing and find out how to do it your way and better

26 – Keep It Simple – Your branding doesn’t have to be complex to look good. Minimal is actually in!!!

27 – Too Much Gradient – Avoid too much gradient in your branding. This will make your graphic look outdated and cheap.

28 – Legible Text – Make sure your audience can read the text on your designs. Don’t use abstract fonts or conflicting color schemes.

29 – 300 Resolution for Print – Don’t print a graphic that have a resolution less than 300. The basic setting for high quality printing in Photoshop consist of a resolution of 300 and the CMYK color settings.

30 – Google It – if you don’t know the answer to something, search for it on Google. In fact, I don’t have endless debates anymore, I just google the correct answer
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