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About Me

Born in Miami, FL, I journeyed to the University of Central Florida to pursue a degree in Graphic Design. However, after 3 years of study, I discovered a passion for business and graduated with a Bachelor’s in Business Marketing. Upon graduation, I enter the workforce and gain extensive experience with in marketing, design and ultimately branding. Now I stand before you today as Cleet the Geek.

So, how did I coin this name you might ask? Well my friends and colleagues started calling me by this name when they saw me teach myself everything I needed to know to brand myself. I became the go to guy amongst my friends for anything concerning how to get started with you business/brand ideas.

The name actually came about when a good friend of mine, Poetic Brooklyn, jokingly said, hey Cleet, you should call yourself…Cleet the Geek…(Sort of how Justin Timberlake did on Facebook the Movie when he told the guys to drop the word “The” from their name)…It was a moment in time I’ll never forget… Anyway, it’s a pleasure to meet you.


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Professional Attributes

Start Up Branding

Web Design

Graphic Design

About My Professional Experience

I have spent the previous 10 years developing branding, marketing, graphic/web design, database management, information technology, photography and videography skills with employers such as: Florida A&M University, Market Traders Institute, Aya Associates, Great Faith C3, Horizons Int’l, Siemens, and University of Central Florida.